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A&S/ Illumination
Some work I've done on scrolls for my fellow SCAdians

Caoilfhionn inghean Fhaolain
Court Baronetcy

Calligraphy & Illumination by:
Ding Li Ying Nu Shr and
Clodagh Saorla inghean Cinneide

Words by:
Diomedes Sebastianus
(D. Sebastian)

April, 2007


Hear these words and be it known,
in this matter where worth be shown...

'fore in our presence, amongst our ranks
's a form we know and do owe this thanks!

Recorder of history - much pictures, we're fond -
advising, notation, retaining, so on...

Sharp of wit and faire of face,
Strong of will, a mermaid grace,

Always able, nary to complain.
Adroit be she, Caoilfhionn inghean Fhaolain

Before your Crown, Their blessings we see,
this day forth be known as Court "Her Excellency"!

Given this 14th day of April, in the XLI day of our Society, by the hands of Lucan and Yana, King and Queen of the East Kingdom.

Desdemoniada Natasha Iyawsnbyelka
Award of Arms

Calligraphy & Illumination by:
Ding Li Ying Nu Shr

Words based on 10th century
Bylina/Byliny Rus narrative poetry by:

Diomedes Sebastianus
(D. Sebastian)

Translation by:
Natasha Karaulova
March, 2007

"Song about Desdemoniada Natasha Iyawsnbyelka"
There once was a young maiden named Desdemoniada, who lived in a great Kingdom where she danced, and sang, and wore lemon colored dresses. She smiled and was helpful to anyone in need. Young Desdemona found herself serving the mighty Prince and beautiful Princess. One day, war came to the Kingdom. All of the peoples of the land rallied to the defense of the Kingdom, Desdemona came too.

As happens in wars, many helped in many ways. But, as time goes on, people become tired and the work becomes hard. But Desdemoniada danced, sang, and wore lemon colored dresses every day and every night. When the mood became heavy, her songs and dances lifted the spirits of all near by. When the work became hard, she helped all the while singing and dancing.

Finally, the war was over and the Kingdom was Victorious. Suddenly, Desdemoniada stopped singing, and dancing. For she had used up all of her song and all of her dance for her Kingdom.

Once the mighty Prince and beautiful Princess became King and Queen, they remembered the young lass Desdamona in her lemon colored clothes, and they missed her songs and her dances. They decided that she should be rewarded for her hard work and endless enthusiasm during the war, and that's just what they did...

At Mudthaw, in the Barony of Settmour Swamp on March 24, AS XLI, the maiden Desdemoniada Natasha Iyawsnbyelkawas was made a Lady and awarded Arms. After this, she found that she could again sing and dance. And all again enjoyed it, and the lemon dresses.

Free Company of the
Iron Lance

Letter of Marque

(inspired by the Maciejowski Bible)
Scroll by:
Diomedes Sebastianus
(D. Sebastian)

July, 2005

Whereas the Free Company of the Iron Lance has delcared their Crusade in the defence of the Eastern Crown this Pennsic 34, let it be known that they are regarded as Fedoratti, a Company of the Army of the East and welcome within our borders for rest, refuge and well being while in service.

Furthermore, when defeating forces hostile to the East, they may keep all plunder save a fifth - to be tributed to the King and Queen of the East.

Tiberius Tarius Britannicus
Silver Crescent

Calligraphy & Illumination by:
Ding Li Ying Nu Shr

Words by:
Diomedes Sebastianus
(D. Sebastian)

March, 2005

Exemplary deeds of selflessness and service are like the fertile earth from which the flowers of our Society grow. In l'Ile du Dragon Dormant a magnificent garden is in bloom!

Let all know our will by these presents that one of the tenders of this splendid garden is Tiberius Tarius Britannicus. This gentle, civil, and courteous sole is the Captain of Fencers, Pursuivant, Deputy Exchequer, and a veteran Autocrat.

As one who is constantly concerned with the welfare and successes of others, Tarius' has focused to make every moment more enjoyable for all he comes in contact with. Many have spoke to us of his encouraging of others to participate; and in doing so making each feel like a valued part of this great Society.

Tarius endeavors to teach others, and to create new links between the local community and the rest of the Kingdom. His countless efforts, both small and large, have strengthened and improved l'Ile du Dragon Dormant and its surrounding lands.

It is thus that We, King Thorson and Queen Svava, recognize the great efforts and abilities of our loyal subject Tarius and decree: henceforth let him be known as Tiberius Tarius Britannicus, Companion of the Order of the Silver Crescent, with all of it trappings and burdens.

So says the Crown of the East on this Saint Drausinus' day, being the 5th day of March, Anno Societatis XXXIX.

Ulfarr Craeftig Bikkjusonr
Award of Arms
Woodcarving / Runic Lettering by:
Ding Li Ying Nu Shr

Words by:
Diomedes Sebastianus
(D. Sebastian)

January, 2005

With metal and with leather, With wood and with quill...
With bow and with yeast, With blade and with skill...

The Viking called Ulfarr has talent galore
as a fighter, an artisan, an autocrat, and more.

Our Kingdom is richer To have in our midst
A subject such as Ulfarr the Craeftig Bikkjusonr

Therefore, we King Thorson and Queen Svava, recognize the great efforts and abilities of our loyal subject and bestow upon him an Award of Arms. Given this 29th day of January, Anno Societatis XXXIX at Market day at Birka in the Barony of Stonemarche.