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Apricot Cordial
Taking a large jar, I filled it 1/2 way full of bulk apricots. Then added vodka until the apricots were covered. I placed it on a shelf in my cool workshop.

Once or twice a week for the next few weeks, I shook the jar

After 2 months, the apricots had swelled up with the vodka. Using a potato masher, I 'roughed up' the swollen apricots to release the juice and alcohol.

A strainer then separated the cordial from the mash.

It is very tasty, but somewhat pulpy still. I have a bottle that will sit for a year and see how it settles.

The YOOKA! is a 'social lemonade' who's ancient recipe has been passed down through the ages, and guarded by several religious orders known collectively as "The Order of the Church of St. Yooka". The Castilian and Spiritual Adviser for my household, the Alegion Sebastianus, is Brother Theodoric Karpathos. It is his wish that you take this recipe and share it with your friends and companions. Actually, I made all that up. But, the YOOKA! was introduced to me by a friend and I've happily shared the recipe with folks from around the Known World.

You will need:
- One gal jar with screw top.
- 5 Lemons.
- 3 Limes.
- Knife.
- 1 cup of sugar.
- Big bag of ice.
- Bath towel.
- 750 ml bottle of Vodka.
- a timepiece with a second hand.

Take a lemon and firmly roll it in your hands. Use enough pressure to break down the cell walls in the fruit, but not enough to break the skin. When the lemon feels like a very ripe avocado, it's ready. Roll all the lemons and limes until they are soft.

Cut and squeeze all the juice from the lemons and limes into the jar. Drop the squeezed lemons and limes into the jar also.

Pack the jar with as much ice as you can. Pack it! YEAH! PACK! YEAH!!

Ahem, sorry.
Pour the whole bottle of vodka into the jar.

Pour the sugar into the Jar.

Add more ice. (You know what you need to do.)

Cap the jar and wrap it tightly with the towel.

Each person will take a turn jostling the jar. NOT shaking, NOT standing and chatting. Jostling. The best way is to rock it like a baby, only with more right hand over left, and left hand over right action.

Every 2 min, pass it to the next person.

After 20 min, it's done.
Take off the towel (it should be frozen to the jar).
Pop the cap, take a drink, and pass the YOOKA!.


I'm told that some alternates to the recipe includ:
add a little mint, or
add 1 orange to the mix.

Personally, I'm a fundamentalist. YOOKA!

Each YOOKA! is a powerful booze drink (750 ml of Vodka!). It goes down easy. Like any alcohol, follow your local laws and doctors advice on consumption. Drink responsibly, and stay away from driving if you're gonna drink.