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Hiding modern footwear, or "Covering up mine dirty booties". This is the process I used to hide a pair of modern combat boots with garment grade leather. It did not take a great deal of effort to make these and the results has met with much approval. I highly recommend covering your modern footwear (if you wear modern footwear) as it will improve the overall look of your kit -- which in turn improves the "look" of our Society.

Boot Coverings

I'd love to share the pattern....
but there isn't one.

I can share the process:

The boots started out as a pait of leather spats covering the leg of my desert boots, and holding a hidden leather greave in place.

Later I added the heel and toe coverings. The process was the same in both accounts.

- Find a pair of comfortable/sturdy boots that you want to fight in. - Put them on.

- Take a tall kitchen garbage bag (the white "Hefty" brand are good because they are thin) and step into it so its over one boot and up your leg.

- Cover the bag/boot/leg with lots of Duct-tape.

- You now have a "Duct-tape boot" on your foot.

- Repeat on the other leg.

- Get a friend (its hard to do well yourself) and have them draw lines on the Duct-tape boot where you will cut the tape to make the patern for cutting the leather. I drew a line from the Achiles tendon up the back of the calf; down the front of the shin, top of foot to the middle toe; and 2 more seperating the heal and the foot.

I ended up with 2 sides of the legs, 2 sides of the foot, and 1 heel "pattern".

- Cut the Duct-tape off your leg/foot along the lines you drew. I'm lucky enough to have the medical sisors that are used to remove bandages. Careful you don't cut your boot.

You now have your "paterns for cutting your leather.

- Trace the patern to the leather, cut the leather slightly larger than the patern.

- I used a combination of shoe-goo, sinue, and the shoe repair store's stitching machine to attach the leather to the boots. I chose to make a flap over the front to hide the lacing of the actual boot. The "buttons for the flap are conchoes from tandy leather (they look like my House badge), and they secure with a magnetic purse snap under each concho.